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Create a life you love, doing the very thing you were made to create! Learn how to start and grow a craft business so that you can live the life you've always imagined!

Running a Craft Business can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Narrow your focus and set yourself apart

I quit my day job in order to craft full time, be home with my kids, and ultimately escape the rat race of corporate America. I’ve sold several of my handmade crafts making thousands of dollars on several different platforms. I’ve sold my handmade goods through craft shows, wholesale to boutiques, and on several platforms online. And now, I’m sharing how you too can keep on creating while also profiting from the crafts you create. 

Maybe you know the feeling...

Making is hard

I get it. You often don't know what you should be creating. You have tried to make unique items before, and even if you did you are not even sure they would sell. Luckily, I help you figure out the crafts that can be sold over and over.

I can't sell

I completely relate. Knowing where to sell your crafts (in person, online or both) is hard. Marketing and promotion can be challenging especially if you don't know where to begin, but this guide helps you make a plan.

I waste Time

I totally understand this as a mom with three young children. Your time is valuable. Using your time wisely is a battle in itself. This guide outlines how I've completed orders around kids, the house, jobs, and a life.

Invest in yourself and your craft business

Learn all of the information I wish I had at the beginning and gain the confidence you need to start a strong and successful craft business. 

The Truth is that the 4 biggest mistakes new craft business owners make are...

Craft business


You don’t know how to start a business and let fear get in the way of making your hobby a real business. 


You don’t know how to properly price your products from the start therefore stumble to get any profits to grow your business.


You are lost as to where to sell your products and who to sell and market them to, so you just fumble around selling only to family, friends and co-workers. 


You are not sure if you need to get a business license, collect or report tax and ignore it only to find out this mistake could cost you thousands you don’t have.


Make Money Crafting Create a life you love, doing the very thing you were made to create! Learn how to start and grow a craft business so that you can live the life you've always imagined!​

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Imagine a world where...

you create the things you love to make. You sell your handmade crafts to others who love them just as much as you. Not only are you  creating a life you love, but you are doing the thing you love the most while also being profitable. 

peek inside

Figure out which of your creations are desired and be easily sold. 

Learn a profit formula for both wholesale and retail and how to build and grow profits. 

Discover the best platforms for selling your handmade goods. 

Learn basic marketing and promotion techniques that generate big results. 

Figure out the books once and for all, from sales to expenses, taxes, licenses, and required fees when it comes to running a craft business. 

Create a plan that will allow for growth and scaling your business. 


This ebook is a guide taking you through everything to starting your own craft business. Layne share’s her experiences and mistakes from starting and running her own craft businesses. 

  • Over 10 sections explain setup, pricing, taxes, licenses, and selling your handmade crafts.
  • Learn what platforms are best for selling your craft products and which to avoid. 
  • Define your branding and marketing, plus your customer service processes. 
  • Plus, a resource list and worksheets to help you further define your craft business. 

I teach you everything you need to consider when starting your craft business. My experiences of selling my craft products to brands like Zulily, Jane, wholesale to boutiques, and online on platforms like Etsy, Shopify and even on my own websites – I’ve been able to define a foundation that works so that you choose the best options to focus your energy when it comes to growing your business. 

I share everything I’ve learned, including my mistakes. Some you might relate to and will know to avoid.  This guide shares simple baby steps to let you see if it works for you and your craft business which helps you to keep going.  You can conquer your craft business. 

That being said, you can’t buy success. You’re still going to have to do the work. It’s my job to make sure you WANT to do the work. 

What others are saying...

Make Money Crafting is a hrich guide of everything you need to consider when starting and running a craft business. I use it to refer back to often.
Rachel S. C.
This is brilliant information. This guide has helped me decide many things for my business saving me time.
Kimberly T.
This guide gave me confidence to sell my crafts and contribute to my family's monthly bills. I now take orders and craft shows with confidence.
Sharla Warren
Sharla Creates

Hello! I'm Layne!

I am a wife and mom of three who loves all the crafty things. I am a crafter, embroiderer, and home decor maker, who enjoys creating, organizing, and making home decor DIYs with my Cricut and Silhouette machines. 

I’ve found that some women struggle with being crafty figuring out what to make or how to even use their craft machines and then profit from the the crafts they make. My mission is to help others over the craft hurdles they face. 

Make Money Crafting is my guide to show you how to start your own profitable craft business from the crafts you create so that you can contribute to your family financially and do it all from home. 

Running My Own Craft Business from home is a dream come true!

Create a life you’ve always imagined, making the things you are the most passionate about so that you can have the freedom you desire and change your life for the better! 

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